Flat Earth Ain’t No Joke !i!

After many arguments with friends and coworkers and dont forget family ive come to the realization of these Flat Earthers aren’t so crazy after all. Cause when u think about whatswhats one of the first things you are taught in school, that the earth is round as a globe and that gravity is what keeps us grounded and not falling off. Next thing you know they got you memorizing the whole entire globe leaving you no time to question weather or not this knowledge is acurate or just a plain simple lie to miss lead you from the beginning of your shool curriculum. Try explaining this to a so called normal person, their inner Mr. Smith from the Matrix quicks in and shuts the idea completly, for example the word chemtrail is a huge triger for the same reaction. Cause arguments in society in your group circle of friends fuck even your family circle. The way i see it the earth may look round and a sphere; Heres an expirament i want you to try, take a quarter or a tooney and spin it on a table or the ground. Know what do you see , an illusion that the quarter or tooney looks like a sphere but yet we all no coins are FLAT.  You no what since am so nice ill do it for you and show you.

Also take this in consideration, you take your globe and peel it like an orange from the artic center. You are left with land mass in center surrounded by ice. Seems to me the farther you go from gravity the colder and less dense the air gets. Fun fact ; Remove air from a room and you get zero gravity.

Makes me think of ziplocking food in vaccume seal and preserving it from the air and gravity that weighs us down with AGE it self.

Now this reminded me of a video of guy succing in electricity in a siringe causing the same vaccum seal preserving electroplasm allowing the energie to flow threw the non air chamber. Meaning zero air, electricity is more conductive; makes you think where is Teslas wifi energie. I know they use it in Dubai, i was their i saw the electric wifi plantwith my own eyes. This means they dont need to wire their street lights, reminds me of what older egypt must have used.

Air is drying us out with age like a raison but yet we need a breath of fresh air to live. AND WITH OUT OUR ANCEZTORS WE CALL PLANTS,call me crazy but if a plant creates our air to breath wouldnt that mean plants created us off a branch of their tree. Really makes me think Mother Nature LiLi herself is our Female God 2 B and not Queen B. Lmao

Here some videos 4 yall Visual Lazy Learners

Notice the two stars of light in this Freemasonic Art work. Reminds me of the wizard of oz and the yellow brick road. Also the storie of Moses walking with his staff through the light accross the dead sea i beleive it was.

Now could this be a fake sun in action !i!

Now heres the same deal but going up, that firmament lining is way to strong to b penatrated. Inless your JESUS the Manifestation of Goddess.

Now watche this video I Pet Goat 2 and dont tell me you dont see any similaritys. Now this video is fully packed with hidden knowledge. Everytime you watche it you will find something new and connect it to something. Ive watched it over 33 times and the amout of stuff i still find pie aka 3.14 immortality or a never ending line.

The more times you watche it the better it gets. You will find a new thing everytime i garantee it. The amount of detail put into this animation is just pure genius i give the creator of this an A+ and a keep a check on your six. Yes protect your shadow just like The Red hot Chilli Peppers music video for I Can’t Stop, alluminating there six with huge ceiling lights. Ill post the video after this one causegot me wondering if its all for u.

Notice hes comming out of a pussy looking cave and the clitoris is the head of the beast representing lust.

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