Sun Is NOt 93 Million Miles AWAY !i!

On october 9th 2018 Ottawa, Ontario was a very foggy morning . and i noticed at sun rise looking east that the sun looked as if it were in the clouds, so i decide to record this ounce i got of the bus at fallowfeild staion and chek the results here.


It literally looked as if there was a lightning bolt stuck in the clouds but was the siluate of the cloud as the sun passes trough, now even after showing my friends and family the evidence i had they still werent convinced. Now 2 days later i find a video of a guy passing over on a toronto flight and captures the same view at the same time but from a bove you will al me a mazed when you see this and pay attention to the dates.


This explaines the sun and moon are opposites of each other literaly like a magnet.


Now here if taken a picture of the sun and moon with total zoom on my lcamera lenz, and wwhat do you no they are the same size.

180924_212720_COLLAGE-1And here in this picture i still cant explain the black circle behind the sun on this photo taken at Mckenzi King bridge at sunrise.


Here are some ore photos of october 9th enjoy.




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