Take the Umbrella out ya Ass and Look up for Yourselfs !i!

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Alluminum Sleeping with Mercurry  equals CANCER equals BALANCE 2 the ELITE!!!

Are chemtrails and vacinations causing cancers and fibers inside our body. Well i came to the realization that they are infact spraying alluminum over our heads everyday with their so cald geoengeneering reflecting some sunrays to cool down climate change. But i also came to the realization that our FREE GOVERMENT  VACCINE contains high levels of mercurry. Now what im about to show you is some scary stuff imagine this happening over time slowly in your body. Now remember NOTHING in this world is free, just like facebook; its not free. You are nolonger the consumer but have become the product.

Now here we got a storie where similar reaction is happening and no one can put the peices together, where they are having strange symptoms of fibers shooting out of their body. When they ask the doctor whats wrong they simply tell them their imagening whats happening.


Now here we got a video that you might need to sit down for. I dont no if its true cause i havent tried it for my self but seems pretty legit and scary as fuk. Know i understand why muslims Fast for Ede , their killing the parasites inside the body. Could this be the storie of Adam and Eve, warning us not to eat the goverments gmo’d products through the billion dollar coorporations. Makes me as sick as this next video of wats going on inside us evry time you drink your liquid courage, makes you feel real good that you can dance like these parasites lmao.

Go to 6 mins on this video good example !i! 

Getting Trumped ain’t so Bad.

This explains allot if its true. But come to think of it now california is beeing hit by heat lazer frequencies. With all these so called quotation mark forest fires hitting suburbin houses but for some reason only objects that arent living are getting microwaved. Look at this video below and youll see wat im talking about. The grass and trees are still green but the cars and houses are tourched. And if u pay attention certain gas station are whiped out compared to others looking like a constructed and planned blackops save the world garbage.

Now this video your about to click on might b a bit too much for yall because it sounds ridiculous forcing your inner Mr.Smith from The Matrix to come out and say its fake and bullshit and to focus my thoughts on something else. How bout this , take a deep breath and accept what is happening in this world we live in. First step is defeating denial. Until we realize were the problem nothing will change. Mother nature will nurtur HERSELF back to HER needs and we are ants to her, were the mold on the sandwich, the  LAB RATS.

Now speaking of beeing LAB RATS 2 the goverment, testing all the experiments on us over the years. For example saying breakfast is the most important meal of the day. When its actualy (breaking your fast). Which means your body at night starts to clean it self from parasites and what not, meaning when you wake up and stuff your face with bacon , eggs, toast, butter, milk aka rearranged (kil’m) lol; your body stops breaking down wats old and moves on to wats comming next.  Saw this music video and really brought some attention to my eyes of these goverment farm lies. Wanna make a bet it goes so deep that wendys and mcdonalds and all these coorporations are actualy goverments way of testing wats good for the futur when they whip us old out 2 bring the new blood. Kinda like Moses ( we must shed the old for the new). Kinda reminds me of rebirth and the snake shedding its skin beeing born again. Now this bring up the thought of Female reproductive system, yall have the mark of the beast with the fallopian tubes as the snout and the ovaries as the eyes and horns, bet you never thot of there period as them shedding the skin like a snake ounce a month giving rebirth to the menstral cycle to give birth, crazy eh. Now check this Music Video LSD – Genius ft. Sia, Diplo, Labrinth and tell me that their not trying to expose us beeing LAB RATS.

Heres some more info on what they spayin us with.