Now when it comes to the Storie of Micheal Jackson’s DEATH no one really knows the truth about what happened besides his Family, Lawyers and LABEL’S of course. I believe it is this way because simply; Jack Nicholson said it best to Tom Cruise you can’t handle the truth. On top of that the ones covering it all up are the same people that cover your daily News, but ill get back to that later.

There are many theories of how the legend left us, all I got to say is the version that the press and the news were trying to push with all this propaganda of im molesting children. Just think about other examples of this crime using the media to ruin some ones image or reputation. For example look at the way the media and press act towards Mr. Trump; to be honest they really pushed hard to ruin him before the election but still backfired, back to the topic, what I was trying to say is the same thing that happened with the one and only Hitler, did you know hitler was responsible for giving us the Volkswagen Beetle, He wanted a cheap, simple car to be mass-produced for his country’s new road network. Anyways back to topic, the media did what ever it could to make these people look like bad people . On the contrary, the reason why this is happening is because they are being told what to do and how to  run things a certain way From the chain above, but when you don’t follow to their plan they will set you back by creating stories of you and ruining your reputation using blackmail especially. Usually in the end if you continue not to listen and ignore their demands you end up 6 feet under by “suicide” or assassination. For example a couple people are MJ, JFK, Prince, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain, Bill Cosby, Paul walker, Robin Williams the list goes on, now the one who’s in the spot light is Mr. Trump himself, he needs to be careful cause he’s pushing allot of buttons in the deep state with isn’t making news or media neither press, is this a coincidence or just the fact that they own and censor the coverage that goes out to us sheep sleeping day and night. 

Now around the time of MJ death their was a huge settlement case of how MJ himself out smarted the Sony Records Label and work on a business side of things in the shadows. By the end of it all he won 50% rights of Sony Records. Yes that means technically MJ owns 50% of every Sony Artist, which is huge in numbers if you think about just Queen B’s half alone lol.

Im pretty sure Sony was not happy at the time which bring’s me too one of my suspicions that Tommy Mottola was responsible or at least had a role in the assassination of MJ. He was Head CEO at the time of this altercation. Also Mr. Mottola’s wife at the time was Mariah Carey (now divorced due to abuse and stalking). Ironically MJ and Mariah were good friends, of course being both musician easy to hit it off. And Mariah coming from Columbia records which is also owned by Her husband at the time Mr. Tommy Mottola. Which makes me think is he related to the columbian drug trade as well, also known as the C.I.A., just look at where they are posted, right smack down in Washington DC. Now do you know what the DC means at the end; District of Columbia, now do see the piece’s coming together. Also Washington DC is not even a Sate, it is its own entity, city within a city.there are 3 that I know off city of LONDON, Vatican, Washington DC.

Fun Facts

  • Not a state, this area is both the city of Washington (the capital of the United States) and the District of Columbia.
  • The official name is Washington, D.C. The Washington is after George Washington and the C (Columbia) is after Christopher Columbus.
  • The flag of D.C. was based off of George Washington’s family’s coat of arms.
  • Washington, D.C. is home to the Smithsonian Museums like the National Air and Space Museum and the Museum of American History.
  • The District of Columbia has many famous buildings including the White House, the US Capital, the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial, and the Jefferson Memorial.
  • The states of Maryland and Virginia ceded land for Washington D.C.
  • The land was originally called Federal City. It was renamed officially by congress in 1790.
  • Residents of D.C. must pay federal taxes, but they do not have representation in congress.
  • George Washington never got to live in the White House. It wasn’t officially called the White House until 1901. Before that it was referred to as the President’s House or Palace.
  • The Library of Congress has over 500 miles of bookshelves!

Now that last fun fact about 500 miles of knowledge. Reminds me of another city that isn’t part of the country itself, the vatican has miles of knowledge as well. 

Now get this not only he was head of Sony but do ya’ll know that before Sony it was CBS Chanel 3 news. Yes your music is OWNED by the same people who controls the censorship of our FAKE NEWS. now this bring me to my other assumption that the C,I.A. was responsible because MJ love to expose them in his music take look at he video Smooth Criminal for example he is Dressed Like Al Capone also known for working with the C.I.A. during the prohibition era.

It’s also Ironic that the C.I.A. is known for being the main supplier of Cocaine through connections of Pablo Escobar, which new info from his son himself exposing the truth of the C.I.A. working with his FATHER. He’s trying to expose the NAZI one world government look at his arm sleeve with the black stripe. its a symbol of Nazi elite news team. Ive noticed the also I dragon ball Z the news anchor always has it, even says Z-TV.


Now here we got MJ in one of his latest videos he did before he died exposing what was to come Martial Law coming to Brazil. If you look up what is happening in Brazil as we speak you will find out that it is not good. If your not paying attention these days, the biggest thing America is trying to do is GUN control. I know deep down the only reason they wanna take away our guns is to put America under martial law then they would have full console of their people. They push this agenda so hard that they will make false flag attacks with paid actors hired by FEMA, yes your National Defence of Security, who’s suppose to be protecting you and not making new scenarios to cancel other scenarios cough cough nine eleven, and all these school shootings promoting to push gun control. Just take a look into the past and see what happened to Germany when gun control was pushed. ironically they burned down they’re own assets to make it look like others did to promote propaganda just like sept. 9 .11. and no to long after they burnt their Parliament in Germany Gun controle as ordered. And if you didn’t no the C.I.A. is a BUSH owned Franchise I like to call it. Prescot Bush Funded the Nazi’s with weapons and banked on this, then creating the C.I.A, Getting his son George Bush SENIOR in house and also President, then again his grandson George BUSH as President for 8 years before Obama’s Seat. Now do see ow every things is connected.

Notice any successful Artist That is promoting love and peace usually ends up dead for making this world a better place, but instead the labels would rather push hate and depression instead of love and peace.

For example MJ, Prince, John Lennon, Chris Cornell, Chester Bennington, Kurt Cobain, Bill Cosby, Paul walker, Robin Williams the list continues to grow to this day, will the violence ever end on these truth seekers. It’s hard to imagine that our own GOVERNMENTS are responsible for these acts. We must wake up and realize this acts of violence targeting non-violent image to our ears.

At the end of the day I believe MJ pissed off the elite in multiple ways either it was through his genius business lawsuits winning 50 percent of Sony records, or making his own music videos and bringing up content and subjects that don’t really wanna be talked about. By the end he had his huge tour going and had to stop due too medical issues which I find strange cause the hole Pharmaceutical Side with Hospital and disease’s is huge disappointment to me, this may upset you when I say this but Pharmaceuticals are a billion dollar corporation just like CANCER why would they wanna heal you and loose money they are simply going to numb the pain and side effect to continue your prescription. The only way to heal the body is through DIET, cut the junk foods and sugars and corporations foods that are induced with sodium which cause cancer just like cigarette in the same section as a type-1 Carcinogen.Now why aren’t out meats labelled like out cigaret packs is my question. It’s cause they don’t really care about us !i!