Ever wonder where we come from? Or even have you felt like you’ve been lied too your entire life. The truth of our origins is just as unknown as the bottom of our ocean floors. Over the years ive read many stories and posts slash videos and when thinking outside the box in different perspectives, everything seems to add up or atleast fall into place. Here we have a wise amns point of view of what he beleives happened and is pretty spot on about the storie. In order to get anywhere on this topic we must set aside our differences and think like a child again, and by that i mean lets put religions and political views on pause for this one, cause in the end your just acting childish like Christmas. We need to grow up and stop fighting and realize we are one species beeing kept the truth, that we are beeing divided by what we follow, anywhere from the vatican to the whitehouse even sports and now we have the new fake news or realnews scandals. If you havent noticed yet all those things we follow all cause conflict between two or multiple partys, aka a civil war aka conflict. we need to grown on a spiritual level and stop beeing so selfish and give back to the world because you’ve taken so much, we have all taken more then what we need, we are living unbalanced and our world is even more unbalanced. I always new that our true roots would be 50 % out of this world mixed in with female energie aka Planet EARTH aka Mother Nature. If you go back far enough in history you can see that our DNA was a cross between man cave and  Annunaki    (aka Alien). They pretty much created us as slave to work for them or shall i say WORSHIP them. I beleive they came here to harvest gold, and created us to do so, think about it most gold we know of is sitting in a vault waiting to be pickedd up. know talk about deep brainwash beyond beleive, whats the two things the most we worship in this life, GOD and GOLD baby and there literaly one letter apart from each other coincedance? I think these claims are true because the SUMARIANS had many Tablets translated explaining this wonderfull storie of us beeing starseeds blossoming in this world.

Now here are some more videos explaining more in detail the storie of our past. This knowledge may come to a shock to you, so if you are ready to jump in and dive on this expadition its a deep and dark one to unearth people, but dont give up when you get started Cause Alice Will b waiting in the free fall of time and space.

Now isn’t that storie just amazing, doesnt remind you of Poseidon and Zeus and how the media or news or shall i say history on this note was delibrately miss guided leading us to think Zeus was good and Proseidon Bad but when you actualy pay attention its the other way around. Eagle vs the Serpent , makes me think of Air vs Earth 2 of the four main elements leaving out water and fire. And if you think about it we are created from theese elements on a specific balance of frequencies.