Ive always had a hunch that the man were suppose to hate isnt the problem but made out to be the issue subconciously in your mind. In my eyes from the beggining the lesser of the two evils won the election. Imma tell you this now if miss Hilary Clinton won the election (wich she was suppose to win but plan flopped)(cause who thought Trump could take the lead right?)any who back to topick if she won, she woulda had the upper hand in getting herself out the deepstate shit shes tied down to. Finaly the investigation on the Clinton foundation is beeing reopened, their cruel corruption needs to end STAT.

Now here ive collected a couple videos exposing the media and the corruption of our own subconcious infiltrading our minds through this era of miss information. Fact word of the year for 2018, According to dictionary dot com is (missinformation) for 2017 was something like (untruths) and for 2016 i beleive was (fakenews). Take a guess wich side has control of this , goes deeper than you think, its all coverd at the end of this video.

And now here we have a quick speech from a brave man whos just released his book exposing the truths of the justice system and the clinton foundation and way more check it out for yourselfs here.

More proof the media is showing the opposite of reality.